The German Shepherd is a strong and confident breed, and that’s part of what makes it so popular. But what happens when these valuable traits backfire on an owner? Making this active dog a part of the family can be a challenge, but there is good news for German Shepherd owners worldwide: The Online Dog Trainer is here to save the day.

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The Online Dog Trainer is an online training solution that breaks bad behaviour down into the 34 most common behavioural issues – including common traits in troublesome German Shepherds, such as specific aggressions towards strangers or other dogs.

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Access The Information Best Suited To You And Your Dog

This fantastic resource includes a lengthy series of videos and written articles broken into easy-to-identify sections so you can quickly access the information best suited to you and your dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a new puppy or a long time troublesome German Shepherd – The Online Dog Trainer has the tools to help you and your dog onto the right path together.

The Online Dog Trainer was developed by Doggy Dan, an expert dog trainer with a lifetime’s experience working with dogs. The cornerstone of his teaching involves becoming your dog’s pack leader, a figure your dog respects and trusts – an incredibly important principle when applied to the independent German Shepherd.

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The website is packed full of reviews from dog owners whose lives – and the lives of their dogs – have been turned around due to the method.

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It’s So Easy!

The entirely online course means you can fit in dog training whenever it suits YOU and YOUR dog, rather than live lessons that you may struggle to fit into your busy life. Work with your dog in your own home, in an environment where you both feel comfortable – and still enjoy the results of a professional dog trainer. Plus, the whole family can learn from the videos and work together to make a better life for your dog.


Try It For Yourself!

Accessing the fabulous resources of The Online Dog Trainer couldn’t be easier! For just $1 you can enjoy a three day trial period to peruse the entire website and its contents. Watch videos of Doggy Dan in action with untrained dogs and see for yourself how well the methods work.

Added Bonuses

If you choose to become a monthly member you have even more resources to explore. Connect with Doggy Dan personally if you have any questions or issues – he’ll help you develop a specific solution with your own dog in mind. Monthly members also have the chance to download some of the material to enjoy on the go, and access to new videos weekly of Dan’s live consultations will give you even more chances to study the methods.


If you’re serious about getting the most out of a lifetime with your German Shepherd, The Online Dog Trainer is the resource for you. Firm but gentle, you will have the power to teach your German Shepherd to follow YOU as a pack leader and a friend. Save yourself and your dog countless hours of misunderstandings – visit today!

We are offering a limited time offer where you will be able to get access to our entire program for just 3 dollars. Do not miss out on this chance to train your German Shepherd at a tiny fraction of a cost of what a professional trainer would charge you.

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